Vehicles and crew

When you contract with us, we agree with you the number and type of vehicles, as well as the manpower, required to service your collection and delivery need. The vehicles are then leased by us and made available to you each day under the terms of your Contract. They are maintained, cleaned, taxed, insured and cared for by us, so that you have no need to think about vans ever again. If you have an 'full service' contract in place with us, your vehicles are reserved exclusively for your use and can be liveried to your requirements. If you have a contract with us to provide vans on less than 5 days of the week, the vans assigned to you will be unbranded, and may be employed on other duties on the days they are not with to you. They will always, however, arrive at your sites in clean and serviceable condition, ready to work for you.


We discuss your needs and preferences with you and lease vehicles meeting your precise requirements. We are happy to offer the complete range of vans available on the market in sizes up to 3.5 tonnes. This includes Long Wheelbase and Jumbo box vans, Lutons, pickups etc. Tow bars and roof racks are provided with all vehicles, and our Drivers are trained in their correct and safe fitting and use.


Each vehicle you contract is supplied with a Driver and, if you wish, with a Driver's Help. We employ Drivers and Driver's Helps who work hard, have proven their dependability and trustworthiness, and who have an optimistic 'can do' attitude. If you currently employ drivers who have proven their worth to you, are part of your 'family' and to whom you feel loyal, then we'll be pleased to hire them onto our team as part of your contract. Even if your contract with us allows only for regular provision of the Driver, we can provide Driver's Helps on an ad hoc basis at 24 hours notice.